Our goal is to create an amazing professional video that truly represents the brand you envision for your business.  To that end, we rely heavily on our brand consultants to communicate your desires to our producers in order to effectively achieve our goal of creating a video that compels your customers to act.

 Our Video Production Process:

-Video Outlining and Theme Development: Our brand consultant will research your brand  and collaborate with you to identify the goal for your video, analyze your target audience and agree on a general look/theme for your video.

-Professional Script Writing:  Next our creative team will write a script that is designed to engage customers and peak their interest in your story while ensuring that your message leaves an impression in their mind.

-Voice-over: The next phase entails putting a voice behind your message with professional male or female artists that exude success in every word of your script.



-Royalty Free Music: We next enhance your video with the addition of professionally recorded royalty free background music.




-Video Animation:  Once these steps have been completed we move forward with the video animation process and create an amazing video that is customized to present your story in vividly choreographed style in a graphically rich format.

-Final Review and Editing:  Your brand consultant will review the completed video animation with you to ensure that your brand message is clear, wording is correct in text format as well as voice-over while achieving the agreed upon video theme.

 How long will it take to produce a video?

This is a question that is extremely difficult to answer precisely because many variables determine the time it takes to complete a video.  Picture a video production being like that of putting together a puzzle.  If you started with all the pieces of the puzzle sitting in front of you, it would be reasonably safe to guesstimate how long it will take to complete.  Let's get back to our video production...if we had a completed script, video footage and pictures, a complete vision of design and layout, a perfect voice track and just the right music sitting in front of us it would be easy to promise a completion date.  The fact is we are working with you and your co-workers, voice professionals and video designers to collaborate in unison towards producing the perfect video for your brand.  You're running your business while our design professionals are doing the same so these variables force us to take a realistic view on our expected turnaround time.  All though it will likely be much quicker, please allow a 3 week turnaround time for video production to be completed for your review and approval.

 Changes and revisions which are free of charge once video animation is complete are as follows:

  • Correction of wording or  name pronunciation errors of approved script in the voice-over track.
  • Correcting any grammar, punctuation and spelling errors in text throughout the video
  • Editing animation errors where timing of animation fails to work with voice-over
  • Modifying any issues with background music volume being too loud to hear the voice-over properly
  • Fixing any instance where incorrect background music, voice over artist, video logo or video design was utilized in the production of the video 

Charges for video revisions that fall outside of the free changes mentioned above will be at a rate of $130 per revision round.  These changes require a significant amount of extra time and effort as the animation will have to totally be re-animated after modifying a scene in such circumstances.


Video Branding Process:

Once a video is approved by the customer, our promotions team will move forward with the process of driving your message home to your target audience.  We will run your video through a tested process of multi-channel advertising campaigns that strategically place your video in front of potential customers multiple times per month.  This branding process is following the same logic as the large franchises have that have successfully ingrained their brand into your head for years via television commercials...but at a fraction of the cost to advertise.


Our team will customize the branding strategy to the type of business service or product that your company offers.  We will determine who your tartget audience is and develop a plan to focus your video ads on the highest value targets for your company within your budget.  We can easilly define and target the geographic areas of potential customers that fit demographic profiles and/or intersts that meet that of your ideal customers.