Customers expect you to have a website that enables them to learn more about your business, answer questions they have and even purchase your products and services.  The Redwood Project is dedicated to giving merchants a professional website that brings your products or services to market. 

Your site will not only provide the information your customers need to make smart purchasing decisions, it will be a fully funtional ecommerce site that will enable purchases right online. 

Your site will also be a fully enabled marketing machine that will tie into an email marketing campaign that will give you the power of constant contact with your customers to offer new products, sales and continue the relationship building process which is proven to create repeat business with your already existing customers.

If you have product inventory, you can directly link to ebay, facebook and seven other shopping comarison sites to put your business right along other companies selling to millions of consumers each day.

Your site will enable you to offer store wide sales, coupons, and even the ability to sell gift certificates.  The site will also be fully customized to work on any computer or mobile device enabling customers on the go to purchase your products.

All this and more is available at a fraction of the cost compared to other web site development services. 

Don't waste another moment!  Call 609-433-4397 today to start building your site and your business!  Ask about our special website & online brand development package that handles your entire online marketing plan!